The development history of wood plastic composites material

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The development history of wood plastic composites material

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Wood plastic composites, arisen from 1990s North American, but greatly developed in China. It's has a long way over the past two decades, you must be interested in how WPC material developed. Today, Welldone WPC will make some introduction of the development history of WPC material.

In early 20th century, the first attempt to combine wood powder with phenolic resin blend experiments was Dr. Leo H Bend, This was the first WPC material come out, and widely applied to practical life as building material. When the content of wood powder increases, the performance of wood-plastic composite material turned out to be poor, it’s mainly because of the compatibility between the wood fibers and plastic were bad. Therefore, the main objective on the followed-up study on the improvement of compatibility of wood fiber and plastic. In 1960s, Mayer for the first time using a coupling agent in the processing of wood-plastic composites molding . Since 1980 , To find suitable coupling agent for WPC composite material gradually become a hot topic.

Today, The main focus on research to wood-plastic composite material forming process attached  to improve the strength and toughness of the composite material, pretreatment to wood flour, improve the heat resistance of WPC material and enhance the recycling of waste plastics etc..

Throughout the development of Wood-plastic composite material, WPC products witnessed the gradual maturity technology of WPC material:

The first generation: Crude wood fiber, the first generation of WPC material due to technical immaturity, the fiber used very rough, the appearance looks rough.

The second generation: Fine wood fibers, based on the first generation, the processing technology is more mature, the second generation has improved in its appearance.

Third Generation: Based on the second generation of the WPC material, people aim to enhance the physical and chemical properties of the composite material, the life span of the composite  material is greatly improved than before.

The fourth generation: The latest generation of full co-extrusion coated decking, its surface is coated with sarin resin, or ABS engineering plastics completely coated the third-generation common core layer, so that the service life of co-extrusion decking can reach up to 25 years.
Whereas Welldone WPC is the fourth generation, the following pictures can show you what difference between Welldone WPC and cheap product on the market:

The first generation of outdoor decking:
Degradation, powderization


Crack and color fading

What Pictures can say....
Water absorption makes cracking
What about Welldone WPC?