What does Welldone do for Mother Earth?

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What does Welldone do for Mother Earth?

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In the previous news, we talked about the comparison between WPC material and solid wood and plywood etc. We knew about the performance and price advantage of WPC products.Now I would like to talk about what does Welldone WPC product do for Mother Earth? In addition to ensuring product quality, Welldone is pursuing and observing the principle of leading the ecological future, and silently protect the mother earth. We are turning waste by misplace into wealth on the Earth, we are easing the burden of Mother Earth, reducing deforestation and protecting the ecological future.

In June 23, 2016, The people in Yancheng Jiangsu province suffered a strong tornado and hail disaster, which rubbished the people’s homes and family. But we humans also need to ponder that why natural disasters hit successively?

Welldone WPC knows, if an enterprise blind pursuit of interests but regardless of environment protection, regardless of the future generations, the enterprise will not last for a long time and will bring disaster to itself.

As a building materials company, it is hard for a traditional manufacturing enterprise to do not destroy a tree, do not emit any toxic substances. However, Welldone has found the way out by observing the idea of leading an ecological future---The ecological wood manufacturing (also called Wood plastic composites, hereinafter referred to as WPC).

So, let's know about what is the composition of WPC? Why we can ease the burden for Mother Earth? As the picture shown below: WPC is made of 50%wood fiber, 35% polymer plastic and 15% additives. Someone will ask, does the 50% wood fiber won't destroy the forest? Don't worry, see the answers as follows: The 50% wood fiber can be straw, peanut shells, corn stalks and other plant fibers, and also can be the wood powder from sawmill. This is why Welldone WPC can produce the substitute of real wood building materials without destroy a tree. In addition, HDPE plastic mostly used in the field of packaging, the corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation, high hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical and radiation resistance performance etc., so WPC products has both advantages of real wood timber and plastic's.

This HDPE plastic can be recycled, and the WPC product also can be recycled.

In the production process, all the raw materials are environmental protection and no pollution, factory can achieve zero emissions.

Welldone WPC with our own practical actions that pursuing the idea of leading a ecological future life to promote mother earth's health and longevity. And wish more and more companies to inject ecological concept, to seek long-term sustainable development for future generations and to create a green and healthy living environment!