Tips for purchasing WPC composite decking

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Tips for purchasing WPC composite decking

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For those who do not know about WPC decking might be somewhat confused when purchasing for numerous models. Today, Welldone WPC would like to provide some advises as follow, and hope it can be useful for you.

1. Before your buying of WPC composite flooring, Lani here advice that you should consider the environmental conditions of your project first, Are you planning to buying for commercial use or residential use? Whether to consider the climate impact? You can select the model according to the product type, size, color, personal preferences, environmental factors,  budget expenses etc..

2. It's better to provide a drawing based on your project, so that the sales can compute related amounts of products and accessories. If you do not have the drawing, it is best to confirm the exact quantity of the decking you need, so that you can know whether your purchasing is beyond your budget or not.

3. The types of WPC deckings are: WPC solid decking, WPC round holes decking, square holes decking, WPC hollow co-extrusion decking, WPC solid co-extrusion decking etc.. In order to  give our WPC decking into full play, there are some notes should be attention:

WPC Co-extrusion decking and WPC ordinary solid decking can be applied in high people of flow area or commercial use, such as outdoor cafe terrace, the terrace of shopping malls or restaurants, plank road in parks etc.. If you take the project cost into account, it's best to choose WPC round holes decking rather than square holes decking.
Customer can purchase the decking as per their personal preferences and financial capacity, if your budget is limited, you can consider using a square hole hollow decking. Rich people as you pleases ~

In the very cold or hot area, customer need to consider the temperature when purchasing, in cold area in northern like Russia, it should use WPC solid decking or co-extrusion decking. In hot area close to equator, WPC solid decking and co-extrusion decking is recommended.
Last but not least, customers should consider the following three aspects:
① The quality of the decking
② The method of installation
③ The warranty