How Important Is the Correct Installation and Excellent Quality of Composite Decking! Are You Still Pursuing Low Prices?

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How Important Is the Correct Installation and Excellent Quality of Composite Decking! Are You Still Pursuing Low Prices?

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I saw many article on the internet have bad comments toward wood plastic composite products, so today, we will talk about this issue, whether you buy the products right? Have you installed properly?

Take the composite decking projects for instance, are you looking forward to your WPC flooring project like this? Clean, neat and comfortable?

Like this?

But, in reality, your composite decking projects are like this:


And this:

So you complaint, how terrible the decking is! And you say, isn't the composite decking boards absence of cracking, twist? Isn't the composite wood decking mildew proof, waterproof? What's that?

Then, Please think about that are you always pursuing the best price, the lowest price, the bottom price? You say, why not? Otherwise, no one will buy, it’s will hard to sell on the market.

You promise your customers, you are the cheapest supplier, your products are cheaper than others, and you required the factories lower and lower the price, and keep the same quality?
I will say, you are forcing the factories to jerry-build, because manufactures are need to survive.

So the jerry-build projects are basically result from you!

It's should be acknowledged that there exist some bad factories launch the vicious competition with low price, but it's need dealers , contractors or distributors to recognize it. Don't pursuit the lowest price blindly, otherwise the typical case “bad money forces good money out of circulation” in economics will occur. The factories who are not willing to compromise to price will be a reliable cooperator, because they are insisting on good quality, they are value a good brand.

However, it's do not rule out some other condition like the improper installation. In previous news, Lani has posed some article about how to recognize the good decking by simple way, and some precautions during the decking installation, hope they can be helpful to you.

Due to the composite decking material will be expansion with heat and contraction with cold circumstance, you should take it into consideration during the installation! Otherwise, the decking will twist and crack under the improper installation, even though the decking quality is good.

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