The precautions of WPC composite decking installation

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The precautions of WPC composite decking installation

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     The main purpose of Wood Plastic Composites is to replace real wood timber, a serious shortage of forest resources makes WPC products be popular in the global market. Installation actually is a very important part,a proper installation can make the decking more durable and have longer lifespan, and the whole project will look more beautiful. So this time, we will talk about the precautions when install WPC outdoor decking:

     1. It is very important to ensure that the concrete base floor is smooth and neat before construction. Do not be afraid of trouble, or else the decking will be easy to crack, collapse and  some other damages because of the uneven loading.

     2. The center distance of joists should be controlled between 300-350mm. The distance between two joists need to spacing about 10mm, so that easy to drainage, and each rows of the ends of the joists should be staggered form, rather than in a straight line. The error of spacing between two joists should less than 10mm, the roughness should less than 3mm, and the expansion space between joists to wall should be 8-10mm.

     3. When the construction ground conditions are poor and the structure is not stable, it’s should use steel joists instead of WPC joists, and the steel joist should be galvanized, and the welded part should remove the welding slag and do anti rust treatment.

     4.When install the WPC composite decks, the environment factors should be considered, we must ensure proper space for decking to size creep, the space between each decking and decking ends should be set according to the environmental temperature and humidity, the length of the decking, as well as the area of the projects should be laid and other specific circumstances etc.when install WPC decking. It’s better to mount the decking on the joist or the square tube, rather than fix on the concrete floor, wall or roof directly and so on. 

     5.Due to the high density of wood plastic composite decking, you should drill holes before pounding the screws or nails to fastening.

     6. For laying the large area of WPC composite decking, to install according to the sketches is highly recommended. The length of each WPC decking is preferably not more than 2.2 meters, because this length will have relatively small creep range, it’s will not appear the lateral bending, warping, cracking problems etc. for laying the a large area of decking.

     7. When process the edge of the decking project, the end edge banding and the ends of WPC decking project should leave some space to prevent the expansion and contraction of the decking from decking edge breakage phenomenon.

     8. When laying WPC decking on the stair, metal straps are recommended for covering positive angle of the step to protect the decking.

     9.During the use, please avoid the heavy impact or collision to the decking.

     10.The gap between two deckings need to be retained due to the difference of clip