The Cleaning Maintenance of WPC Composite Decking

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The Cleaning Maintenance of WPC Composite Decking

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       Even though WPC products have many advantages like anti-UV, acid and alkali resistant etc. weather resistance properties, which is no need special maintenance, but it’s hard to avoid becoming dirty after long term exposed to the exterior weather. So to keep your decking project always looks new and prolong the lifespan, periodic cleaning also required.

       To avoid the problems like hurts and discoloration etc. of WPC decking, the cleanser like bleach or oxygenated bleach are not recommended to use. With the popularity use of wood-plastic composite decking timber, there are many special detergent has appeared on the market, but it’s mainly depends on the situation.

       Firstly, We need to know the type of stain, then we can decide which is the best way to clean the composite decking board as per the condition, so that we can keep the original appearance of the decking. Different stains require different methods to clean:

       For dust and dirt: for general condition, you can simply wash by clean water, for some special dirt,you can use soap water to wash it.
       For chalk stains: If some stains can not be clean directly by water, the hot soapy water will be a better choice.
       For snow and ice stains: you can clear with hot soapy water or calcium chloride.
       For dyeing and soil dirt: you can use the cleaner contains oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to immerse about 15 minutes,then can easily be wiped.
       For oily stains: oily stains you can use dishwashing liquid or hot soapy water to wipe out.
       For fruit juice and wine stains: you can use hot soapy water mixing with some white stain to wipe out. For ink stains, you can also use this method.